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VIDEO: Restoration crew preparing for more flight hours

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In the days since the second flight for B-29 Doc, the restoration crew has been preparing the historic warbird for further flight testing. “It’s a process that requires an extreme amount of patience, hard work and a little luck,” said…


INSIDE DOC: Click Bond fasteners help restore history (VIDEO)

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When you set out to restore a B-29 built 70+ years ago, you quickly realize you need to surround the project with those who are dedicated and committed to the cause. Since the restoration of B-29 Doc began more than…

DOC 2nd Flight

VIDEO: Success! B-29 Doc logs nearly an hour for second flight

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The B-29 known as Doc successfully completed its second flight since being restored to airworthy status. Doc’s second flight lasted approximately 52 minutes at an altitude of four to five thousand feet on a flight pattern east of Wichita, Kans….

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